Scholarship Applications Due Soon

If you are considering applying for one of the generous Sons of Italy scholarships, the deadline is August 28, 2015.  Full details are here.

Our Second Million

A challenge is issued to others as Sons of Italy focuses on its second million dollars of donations for the Winnipeg community.  [article]

Justin Bova Honoured

Justin was awarded the Vince Bova Memorial Award for 2015 at the Sons of Italy Gala.


29th Annual Sons of Italy Gala -- Huge Success!

A sold out crowd of over 1,100 came for a great food and drinks, insight from the Golden Jet, dancing and to help us contribute $100,000 to our charity. 

[Gala story, Gala pictures]


2015 CIBPA Entrepreneurial Award to John Garcea

For his outstanding business success and ongoing commitment and generosity to the community, we are proud to award John Garcea with the 2015 CIBPA Entrepreneurial Award.  The presentation will take place at the Sons of Italy 29th Annual Gala Dinner.  [read more]

Scholarship Winners Announced

The 2014 scholarships for students of Italian origin entering post-secondary:  SOI scholarship winners of $2,000 each are Alexander Loscerbo and Elizabeth Grande.  La Lupa Di Roma scholarship winner of $1,000 is Adrianna Racano. [read more]

2014 Christmas Eve Feast - Biggest Yet

Our 9th annual Christmas Eve Feast hosted a record number -- over 550 guests enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner, music, photos with Santa & Mrs Claus and received gifts.  [story]  [photo gallery]

SOI Winter Sleigh Ride Warms Up

Our 2nd annual sleigh ride at Bird's Hill park avoided the -40 degree temps from last year.  The sleighs were packed with members and their family enjoying a fun ride and a great meal.  [article & pics]

SOI Supports Marcus Cirillo Trust

Sons of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge has been particularly struck by the recent attacks on Canadian military. 

Noting that 24 year old Nathan Cirillo’s background is Sicilian and that the single father has left behind his 6 year old son, Marcus, it was a swift and easy decision for us to donate $500 to the Marcus Cirillo Trust.   [read more]

ENCORE Dinner: Sold Out

Our 2nd annual ENCORE dinner was a huge success.  It included a wonderful 3 course dinner with champagne, comedy show by Dan Verville, and a silent auction in support of Villa Rosa Inc.-- a pre and postnatal residence offering services in a safe environment to some of the most vulnerable women in Manitoba. [see photo gallery]


$240,000 Donated to CancerCare

Challenge for Life SOI team raises $31,000 in 2014 walk.  This raises our five year walk total to $165,000.  Combined with our donation to CancerCare MB from the 2014 Gala, we have given $240,000 in just five years.
Read the FULL STORY    See the 2014 photo gallery

Rossbrook House's Italian Grad

It's a celebration of a year's hard work for the students and family, and SOI is happy to add an Italian flair to the event by bringing dinner...

FULL STORY and Photo Gallery

More Sons of Italy info...


Upcoming Events:

March 12, 2016 6:00 PM • RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre

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+ New photo gallery from 2015 Gala

+ Donations for the Marcus Cirillo Trust Fund can be made here.

+ SOI Winnipeg has our own YouTube channel.  Check out our videos.

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Welcome to our Newest Members:

Carmine Alongi
Ken Loscerbo
Milan Occhino

 Favourite Quote
"can’t thank you enough for the way you bring celebration to our celebration!" 
- Phil Chiappetta (Co-Executive Director, Rossbrook House) about SOI's
involvement in their graduation dinner.

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